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If you own a business, now is the time for your business review. Come in for your free consultation.   

We can take care of all your business needs! We guantee lowest rates on payroll services.  This is an area that is generally overpriced from our competition.

We are honored to have you as our clients and we will take great care of you. 

Important Information

We offer automated payroll services, bookkeeping services, consulting, tax prep, new business set-ups, reorganizing and streamlining existing business'. 

We are licensed and experienced in representing clients in front of the IRS. 

For your convenience we offer a Quickbooks Client 20% client discount.  Call 615-646-5757 for your free consultation.
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Tax Returns - Basics

Corporate, Partnership and Trust returns are due March 15th. 

Personal returns are due April 15th.

If you are out of town or travel, just fax over your info along with signed authorization (Forms 8879, 7216 on our website and a copy of your photo ID) and we can take care of your taxes for you via a phone appointment. Just choose "phone appointment" under scheduling. 

We can help with IRS problems, bookkeeping, payroll, setting up your business, and tax consulting among other services.  

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Monthly Bookkeeping Service

We offer complete bookkeeping services including monthly financial statements, sales tax returns, payroll and more. We recommend this for all of our business clients. A successful business always has a current financial picture to track and set goals. The money you save on your taxes will be far greater than the investment in our bookkeeping service.   We also offer onsite bookkeeping services.  

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Payroll Services

We guarantee the lowest rates for payroll services. Our monthly rates are all inclusive. This means you will not have any surprises with additional fees. We charge a one time set up fee of $150.00 and then $30.00 per month for up to 5 employees.  Then $5.00 per additional employee thereafter.  Never additional fees for forms or end of the year w-2s.   

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Business Consulting - Incorporations

Our incorporation service includes 1.) Pay your incorporation fees; 2.) Supply the corporate kit; 3.) Assist in preparing your bylaws; and 4.) Perform the initial set up for Quickbooks which will have your company ready for Nona our bookkeeper (or yourself if you prefer). 

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Business Consulting - General  

Business consulting is free for the first appointment.

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Tax Problems Consultation  

We have over 20 years experience in successfully assisting clients with IRS problems. We have references and we are licensed to represent clients in front of the IRS as an Enrolled Agent (EA). 

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Taxes - Corporate 

Corporate taxes are due by March 15th every year. You may request an extension until September 15th. The state requires a minimum fee of $100.00 filed with their extension which is due by April 15th. 

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Taxes - Personal

Personal taxes are due by April 15th and may be extended until October 15th. Corporate returns usually are required to be filed prior to the personal taxes. We usually prepare both Corporate taxes and Personal taxes during the same appointment. 

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Telephone Appointment - Tax Prep 

Telephone Appointments are great for clients who live out of town or who travel. Just fax over your info along with  signed consent forms and ID  and we can take care of your taxes for you. (Download forms and organizer from our Tax Center page). 

Personal taxes are due by April 15th and may be extended until October 15th. Corporate returns usually are required to be filed prior to the Personal taxes. We usually prepare both Corporate taxes and Personal taxes during the same appointment.

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Telephone Appointment - Other

We can handle consulting, forecasting and check ups and any other problems and/or questions via telephone. Email or fax information, signed consent forms an ID prior to the appointment.

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