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Advanced Business Consultants, Inc. can assist you with any tax-related issues. For matters involving interaction with the IRS, we can provide you with the services of an Enrolled Agent (EA). 

An EA is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service for audits, collections, and appeals. For more information on Enrolled Agents, click here.

Continue below and let us help you free yourself from your IRS burdens. 

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1. Click here for credit card authorization form

2, Click here for S Corporate 7004 Extension-Due March 15th ($3000.00 late penalty) Fill out the top and Part two. Code is 25

3, Click here for Partnership Extension-Due March 15th ($3000.00 late penalty) Fill out the top and Part one. Code is 09

4. Click here for Trust Extension-March 15th ($3000.00 late penalty) Fill out the top and Part one. Code is 04

5. Click here to file your Corporate Annual Report-April 1st $20.00 for corps $300 for LLC's
(Secretary of State will dissolve your entity if not filed and paid by June 1st)

Click here for IRS Form 8879 For electronic filing

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If you would like us to file your  FEDERAL extension - Please fill out number 1 - the credit card authorization for $25.00 and form number 2 if you are an s corporation, number 3 if you are a partnership and number 4 if you are an estate. Please email  both forms to Advanedbusinessconsultants@gmail.com before 3pm central time March 15th. Thank you!!
Corporations and LLC's must file Two extentions.  
The two types of extensions you must file: 

    1. Federal - Filed with the IRS = Federal Extension that is due March 15th. We can file this one.

    2. Tennessee Franchise and Excise Tax Extension that is due April 15th. We can not file this one.

Tennessee Department of Revenue-Click here for the extension form Extension Form.  Look on your last years Corporate return.  Your franchise and excise account number is at the top of form Fae173 Behind the 1120s.  If you cant locate your account number Call 615/253-0700. Example account number-333333333. Starts with a 3 and has 9 digits.  Some are beginning with a 0 in front of the three.  The minimum due is 100.  If you owed more than 100 last year the amount due is 90 percent of your amount due from last year.  
Therefore, you must file it yourself. 

Your corporate annual report is due April 1st. Click number 6. below to file it.  
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