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We guarantee the Lowest Rates for Automated Payroll Services.

We offer an automated payroll program that pays your taxes and completes your forms for you on time! The Service includes 1099-misc subcon- tractors as well.

We offere free direct deposit and there are no extra fees for quarterly or annual forms.

Log in to your payroll website and enter your payroll hours and changes (adding new employees, subcontractors or issuing bonus)

You will receive an email requesting your approval for submitting the payroll tax payment. Click approve and you are done! No more expensive penalties!  Don't break your bank.

Continue below to see what the IRS charges for late penalties.

IRS Payroll Penalties for Amounts not Properly Deposited or Depoited Late

  2%: Deposits made 1 to 5 days late.

  5%: Deposits made 6 to 15 days late.

10%: Deposits made 16 or more days late. Also applies to amounts paid within 10 days of the date of the first notice date the IRS 
           sent asking for the tax due. 

10%: Deposits made at an unauthorized financial institution, paid directly to the IRS, or paid with your tax return. See Depositing 
          without an EIN on page 24 and Payment with Return on page 20 for exceptions. 

10%: Amounts subject to electronic deposit requirements but not deposited using EFTPS.

15%: Amounts still unpaid more than 10 days after the date of the first notice the IRS sent asking for the tax due or the day on  
         which you received notice and demand for immediate payment, whichever is earlier. 

Note: Late deposit penalty amounts are determined using calendar days, starting from the due date of the liability.

Late Filing Penalties of 941s are as Follows

5%: For each whole or part month a return is not filed when required (disregarding any extensions of the filing deadline), there is a 
       failure-to-file penalty of 5% of the unpaid tax due with that return. 

25%: The maximum penalty is generally 25% of the tax due. Also, for each whole or part month the tax is paid late (disregarding 
          any extensions of the payment deadline).

0.50%: There is a failure-to-pay penalty of 0.50% (1/2 %) per month of the amount of tax. 

0.25%: For individual filers only, the failure-to-pay penalty is reduced from 0.50% (1/2 %) per month to 0.25% (1/4%) per month if an
            installment agreement is in effect. You must have filed your return on or before the due date of the return to qualify for the 
            reduced penalty.

The maximum amount of the failure-to-pay penalty is also 25% of the tax due. If both penalties apply in any month, the failure-to-file
penalty isreduced by the amount of the failure-to-pay penalty. The penalties will not be charged if you have a reasonable cause for faillingto file or pay. If you receive a penalty notice, you can provide an explanation of why you believe reasonable cause exists. 

Note: In addition to any penalties, interest accrues from the due date of the tax on any unpaid balance.

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